We completed the foundation of Akrida Textile in 2004. We are holding our journey with same enthusiasm since we have started that day. With Akrida brand, we are taking place among the leading companies in the sector by spreading over a wide range with the main theme of dressing people in the sector we entered as workwear and technical textiles.


We made our mark after our foundation with our structure which aims to keep our customers’ satisfaction on the highest level; with our high quality fabrics, by shipping our strong stocks rapidly. With all of our speacialities, by achieving to be a solution partner who is wanted by our customers and providers, we became a management who analyzes every single demand studiously, researches and produces.


With our slogan “Weaves Reliance”, we dont content our selves with only domestic sales. We export to 60 countries by taking place in international market with our investments of R&D and industry.


Fast consumption of sources on our earth and waning renewable energy sources directed all companies to a grand responsibility. Also we are aware of the importance of green production and sustainability. We conserve these values by taking needed education with our staff together. We took many steps toward taking essential certificates internationally to do our part duly in this field.


We stand behind all of our products in the market with the label of Akrida Textile and we protect our claim in our each product. While we are reaching our aim with our approach that stands on our dignity, we worked carefully altogether with a grand effort and we’ll be working.

Best Regards

İsmail Akkuş                                                                                                                 Yavuz Özdemir

CEO                                                                                                                                  Board Member

                                                                                                                                              General Manager