Our Values

As Akrida, our unchangeable core values that we believe in, on which we build our existence and guide us are:

  • Innovation and Openness to Change
  • Human Value and Justice
  • Halal Earning and Honesty
  • Customer Need and Satisfaction Centered Approach
  • Speed and Result Oriented Work
Akrida Sürdürebilirlik 3

Corporate Culture

    We are the ones adopted by our Beautiful Prophet Muhammed’ul Emin (SAV) in his commercial life;
  • Not to lie,
  • Not to betray trust, not to break your word,
  • Giving the worker his right before his sweat dries,
  • By inheriting the principles of bringing peace, tranquility and justice to the forefront in business life and the motto “Honest and reliable merchants are with prophets, truthful people and martyrs” as a road map in all circumstances, we are determined to achieve good profits. Therefore, we expect all our colleagues to protect this valuable cultural heritage, which forms the basis of our institution and to which we are sensitive, and to set an example with their behavior and work.

Along with our basic culture, we can express our corporate culture that all employees and managers at Akrida should adopt, believe in and implement with the following items:

  • Taking accuracy, honesty and reliability as a guide in every activity it carries out,
  • All works are carried out through effective written communication, intelligibility and courtesy prevail in oral communication,
  • It has established its corporate identity and quality standards in the way of thinking and behavior inside and outside the company,
  • All information and stages related to business processes are recorded and stored in corporate memory,
  • Focusing on business processes and results in this direction with an understanding of continuous improvement,
  • Incorporating a qualified workforce,
  • Adding synergy with team spirit to all its works,
  • Institutional and friendship ties are strong,
  • Open to change and innovative,
  • Able to delegate / give / take authority and responsibility,
  • Employees can take initiative when necessary,
  • Not voicing problems as if they are unsolvable, able to produce solutions rather than problems,
  • Hosting individuals who contribute to the philosophy of “This is our job”,
  • Able to follow the developments in the sector and adapt to changes, act proactively and agile,
  • Keeping human rights at the forefront of all its works,
  • Thinking and providing justice by considering the rights of employees, suppliers and customers,
  • All employees consider corporate interests as their own,
  • It creates a disciplined work environment where all employees add their brain and heart power to the work done,
  • Practical, accurate, fast and timely working in his work,
  • In the social environments outside the institution, there are employees who set an example with their morals, behaviors and rhetoric,
  • Establishing good relations with its environment and based on healthy cooperation,
  • In accordance with the principles of our beliefs that are valid in all areas of our lives, we do not allow credit / interest, selling with false information / deception, selling products that are harmful to society and personal health, etc. It is an institution that never aims to gain unfair income and / or profit from haram ways and methods, and builds every activity and attitude on the principle of halal earnings.