Our company, which has been continuing its investments since the day it was founded, continues to expand its wide product range rapidly. We are a leading company in the field of medical, workwear, functional and technical fabrics by closely following the needs of the market. In addition to our wide product range, our company, which is completely open to special productions, started to establish the infrastructure of the R&D Center in 2013 in order to develop innovative technologies and direct the textile industry to more change.

We continue to produce high quality products, innovations, technical textiles, durable, long-lasting, environmentally friendly products for our customers. In this direction, our product range includes life-long, antibacterial and antistatic fabrics produced with silver yarn, life-long, antistatic fabrics produced with carbon yarn, ducted polyester yarn structure that absorbs your sweat and can expel it faster than cotton, and minimizes your sweating with its breathing capacity. In this way, we produce fabrics that maximize your comfort, as well as coat fabrics such as softshell, which both protect you from external effects and consider your comfort with their waterproof or breathable feature on extra demand.

We continue our basic, applied and experimental researches in the field of R&D without interruption. We examine the products requested by the customers in every aspect, down to the finest detail, and turn the products they dream into reality. We continue with innovations that will guide the market and shed light on the needs of our customers. We continue to cooperate with other R&D centers in our experimental research.



Our indispensable values in R&D processes;

  • To meet the needs of our customers at the maximum level with special production
  • Increasing product quality
  • Using technology in every field
  • Responding to today’s needs by catching innovations in the field of technical textiles
  • Producing environmentally friendly products
  • Prioritizing user comfort with functional fabrics

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We export our products to many developed countries. We are taking firm steps towards exporting to every region of the world by increasing the number of our countries.

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What is medical fabric?

Medical professionals (nonwonen) know fabrics as surgical gown fabric or medical fabric. Because this fabric is used in surgical gowns and drapes, masks, wound bandages, medical packaging. Since nonwonen fabrics can be used in many different areas, we can say that it is a multi-purpose fabric.

Today, operating room sterilization can be considered as a very important issue. The source of bacteria that can cause infection in the surgical environment is not only the surgical team and the environment, but also the patient himself is a source of bacteria.

In order to minimize these risks in the hospital environment, sterile surgical clothes and drapes should be used to protect both the patient and the surgical team during the surgery. Our company produces the fabrics that are needed within the scope of the medical clothes used by the surgical team during the operation, under the necessary hygiene conditions.

Medical Fabrics Prices

Medical fabrics vary according to their width and weight, as well as raw material prices. Please contact our sales representatives for the best prices on medical fabrics.