Sustainability in Akrida

The rapid consumption of scarce resources in our world and our approaching the end of non-renewable energy resources have led all companies to a great responsibility. The concepts of “Green Production” and “Sustainability” are of great importance in order to leave a more livable world to future generations. As Akrida Tekstil, we are aware of the importance of these concepts. We protect these values by getting the necessary training together with all our employees and senior management.

We are a company that has OEKOTEX Certificate since 2018. We continue to take steps towards becoming a world-renowned brand by gaining an international status. Based on this awareness, we have started the process of taking part in serious platforms; We made attempts for GRS, OCS, RCS, GOTS SEDEX and INDITEX documents. We continue to follow a fully protective policy by acting with environmental awareness and taking part in all preventive studies that will protect the environment.